Our Principles

Sustainable management of natural forests is based on guiding natural processes to achieve desired products and services, such as timber and carbon offsets.

The Forestland Group’s Natural Forest Management Principles represent TFG’s land ethic, and serve as a foundation for producing positive outcomes that last beyond our ownership.

Across all of TFG’s properties, the Natural Forest Management Principles guide our operations:


Harvest no more than annual volume growth over any five-year period, as the most fundamental definition of sustainable.


Utilize natural regeneration, (vs. planting) as often as possible to initiate robust new forest stands. Our emphasis on natural regeneration mimics ecological systems while lowering costs. TFG’s approach to silviculture mimics natural processes, rather than overcomes them. 


Balancing wood quality with wood quantity; timber value vs. stored carbon volume. The Forestland Group optimizes the management objectives of forests acre by acre. 


Recognize and enhance the spectrum of ecological values from working forests. Explore opportunities to diversify revenue streams in addition to timber. 


Manage forests in accordance with the principles & criteria of established and respected forest certification systems. 


Uphold laws and treaties that influence the marketing and management of properties owned and products sold by TFG funds. 


Protect tracts against trespass and unauthorized uses that negatively impact ecological conditions and financial value.