Our Value

TFG is committed to managing natural forest systems to mitigate climate change, drive positive ecological impacts, support rural economic resilience, and provide financial returns for investors.



We are an industry leader in forest-based carbon solutions

Forest carbon project development is front and center from initiation to outsale. TFG’s landholdings have large carbon storage capacity and our team has the in-house development expertise to leverage this capacity. As of 2021, we have developed 17 forest carbon projects and counting. Read more about our Forest Carbon Projects here.

We prioritize conservation through natural forest management

TFG commits to third-party certification across our entire portfolio. TFG established Natural Forest Management Principles to guide management decisions. These frameworks balance environmental stewardship with timber production – even in complex forests.

We have a 25-year track record

TFG is a industry leader with a long track record of sustainable investing.

We have capacity for scale

TFG’s infrastructure and expertise can deliver significant impact managing large landscapes. TFG holds the largest portfolio of hardwood assets in the US.

We are serious about integrating ESG into our decisions and practices

In 2018 TFG became a UNEP PRI signatory. In 2019 we established our ESG policy. In 2020 we published our inaugural Impact Report. In 2021, we are working towards becoming a certified B-Corp. We look forward to continuing on this journey.

25 Years of Impact (1995 – 2020)



Average percent of acres certified per year since 2005


Total properties certified under Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)


Total properties certified under Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®)



acres of working forest easements

The Forestland Group stewards and has protected ~1M acres of working forest easements and conservation transactions, adjacent to over 7.6M acres of contiguous protected forests.  


largest conservation easements  

TFG has executed 5 conservation easements over our history that were the largest to date in their respective states at the time of execution. 



credits generated


of the regulatory forestry offset market

We are the US leader in carbon solutions from natural forest management. At over 22 million credits generated, TFG is the single largest producer of forest carbon offsets with about 15% of the regulatory forestry offset market.

13 Projects

on over 1,142,618 acres

11 Years

Active in carbon markets


Approximate Total Revenue Generated from 15,612,386 Total Offset Credits

2020 Impact


Over 88% of TFG harvests are geared toward natural regeneration


100% of TFG ownership under sustainable land management plans


TFG sold over 76% of our timber harvest to certified buyers.


TFG forests have sequestered 6.9M metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.


TFG generated over 1.25M carbon credits and managed close to 700,000 acres of active forest carbon offset projects.


of TFG’s workforce is Female