Impact Reporting

“I am really excited to work for The Forestland Group, because we own a lot of land and when we make positive changes, that has a huge impact.”
~ Cakey Worthington, Director, Carbon

Impact reporting is critical to the transparency and accountability expected from financial fiduciaries. TFG utilizes the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and IRIS+ metrics to report on impacts. 

Reporting Framework


United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

We are joining the global effort to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by 2030. Linked to our business model and impacts, we have prioritized and incorporated the following goals into our operations.

UN Sustainable Development Goals


TFG Impact Reports aim to provide detailed information for all our stakeholders, and IRIS+ provides the standardized catalogue of metrics that allows us to do so. We therefore selected the relevant metrics for reporting on natural resources conservation, and sustainable forestry and land management impact, as well as the metrics that help us measure progress towards the SDGs we have prioritized. References to these metrics can be found throughout the reports.

Download The Forestland Group Reports

25 Year Anniversary Report

Reflecting on a Quarter Century of Impacts from Investments in Natural Forest Management

2019 Impact Report

The Forestland Group’s measurable environmental and social impacts from the company’s investments at a firm level.

2020 Impact Report

Impact in an Unprecedented Year : The Forestland Group (TFG) is pleased to present its 2020 Impact Report.