Corporate Structure

TFG understands that it is not just about what we do, but how we do it. From how we manage landscapes, to how we structure our company for success.

Management Company


The management company is comprised of a small group of individuals with an ownership stake in The Forestland Group. TFG’s owners monitor the day-to-day, annual, and long-term performance of the company, making management decisions to ensure we meet our mission.

Investment Committee


The Investment Committee is a group of 7 TFG employees. The committee reviews transactions and operational staffing opportunities, to make recommendations to the Management Company. Our investment committee includes key staff managing property acquisitions and dispositions, along with TFG executives. The members represent a diversity of expertise in conservation, financial analysis, risk management, forest certification, and carbon credit sales.

TFG Employees


Our dedicated and talented professionals share a commitment to sustainability and performance.


TFG Consultants and Contractors


We are proud to create economic growth opportunities and boost local employment. We engage with local forestry consultants, loggers, and mills. A network of expert consultants and contractors are critical to our success. They are our partners.