Forest Carbon

The Forestland Group started with a pilot project on TFG’s Champion, New York property in 2008.

Climate change mitigation is a core value driver at TFG.


TFG made an early bet on hardwood forests as an asset. In the last decade, as carbon markets emerged, our team became experts in U.S. forest carbon offsets.

We started with a pilot project on TFG’s Champion, New York property in 2008. Our sustainable natural forest management was highly compatible with generating offset credits.

Since 2008, we evaluated TFG’s entire portfolio to identify carbon project opportunities. In 2015 we earned the Climate Action Reserve’s Project Developer Award.

Forest Carbon Credits

When we increase carbon impact, there is a corresponding increase in returns.

Properties across the TFG portfolio with forest carbon projects deliver a significant financial return premium in addition to climate change mitigation benefits.


Projects on over 1,300,000 acres


Total Credits Ever Generated from 1.3M Total Project Acres


Total Credits Direct Sold by TFG


Approximate Total Revenue Generated from 16M Total Offset Credits

TFG’s Forest Carbon Projects

Forest Carbon Development Process

“TFG has the in-house capacity to develop forest carbon projects in short timelines.”

Project Development

We conduct thorough property due diligence and pay careful attention to detail to implement projects efficiently and effectively through both internal processes and third-party developers.


We utilize boots-on-the-ground training and inventory techniques refined over years of experience to ensure our forest carbon project inventories are the highest design and quality.

Third Party Verification

We engage the industry’s top experts to validate and verify all our carbon projects to program standards to ensure the credits issued to our projects are real, additional, and permanent.

Credit Sales

We leverage our 12 year carbon history working with established purchase partners and direct buyers to deliver high-quality, low-risk credits in both the regulatory and voluntary markets.

Maintenance + Stewardship

We embody a conservation ethic and set of investment principles that ensure our forests are continuing to preserve and enhance carbon storage across our projects and entire our portfolio.

TFG Expertise

TFG has built the in house capacity to:


properties to target based on climate mitigation potential.


projects to maximize returns, carbon stored, and emissions avoided under impressive timelines.


properties for attractive disposition opportunities with a carbon encumbrance.


both voluntary and regulatory markets.