TFG Management

“We are a unique group of eco-leaning foresters… with a quiet confidence in managing natural forest systems and the complexity that entails.”
~ Alex Finkral, Vice President of Conservation and Chief Forester

TFG Priorities


TFG’s current company priorities:

  • Delivering impact and mitigating climate change from natural forest management
  • Integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance principles into our corporate and operational structure
  • Monetizing assets through strategic dispositions

Our Approach

Our management approach delivers ecological and social impact along with creating financial value.

TFG designs management plans that support sustainable natural forest management

We deliver returns to investors and ensure the economic viability of the sustainable management of our forests

Mills sell TFG wood products to end-users in the marketplace where certified products have increasing public demand

TFG supplies our partner mills with timber from harvests

TFG’s management protects natural forests, watershed health, and valuable habitat

TFG consultants implement the plans by contracting with loggers who perform selective harvesting according to ‘BMPs’ Best Management Practices