Dr. Alex Finkral as Senior Forester

The Management Committee of The Forestland Group (“TFG”) is delighted to announce the employment of Dr. Alex Finkral as Senior Forester.

As the Senior Forester, Dr. Finkral advises the TFG regional forestry staff and forestry management consultants on silvicultural and forest management planning issues. In addition, Dr. Finkral plays a supporting role in the FSC certification process and manages research efforts targeted at the application of improved forest management techniques on TFG owned properties.

Dr. Finkral has over 16 years of domestic and international forestry experience. Prior to his employment with TFG, Dr. Finkral was an Assistant Professor of Forest Management at Northern Arizona University’s School of Forestry where he taught courses in Forest Stand Dynamics, Forest Ecosystem Assessment, Forest Operations, Silviculture and Fire Applications.

In addition, Dr. Finkral conducted research on the effects of silvicultural thinning, regeneration, forest carbon, and forest health that led to publications in various scientific journals. Specific research interests include: how economic considerations affect and are affected by different forest management strategies for a variety of forest products and services; how different silvicultural treatments are chosen and applied along with their effect on plant species abundance and distribution; and how, through their effect on forest carbon sequestration and storage, local forest management practices affect global carbon cycling.

In addition to his experience in North American forests, Dr. Finkral has worked on forestry research and extension projects in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Republic of the Congo, Honduras, Peru, Sri Lanka, and Turkey.

Prior to his faculty appointment at Northern Arizona University, Dr. Finkral was the manager of Yale University’s School Forests, located in Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Vermont. During his tenure as manager, the Yale Myers Forest in Connecticut became certified by both the Forest Stewardship Council and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

In addition, Dr. Finkral co-founded the Masswood Forestry Company, LLC, a small consulting company with clients in southern New England and Arizona.

Dr. Finkral holds a B.S. in Natural Resource Management from Colorado State University and M.F. and Ph.D. degrees from Yale University’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. His Ph.D. research focused on stand-level growth and developmental responses to – and the economic consequences of – different silvicultural treatments in mixed species forests.

Dr. Finkral is a Certified Forester in the State of Connecticut and a Professional member of the Forest Guild.