Sustainable Management of Natural Forests to Create Economic and Ecological Value

The Forestland Group manages natural forests to deliver financial returns, climate mitigation, and ecological impact.


Acres of Forestland

TFG sustainably manages working forests throughout North and Central America.


Assets Under Management (USD)

TFG manages investments in natural forests through a series of limited partnerships and private REITs.


Carbon Credits Sold

TFG is a leader in the carbon credit market, issuing 16M credits since 2012.


Acres Certified

Percentage of acres that are third-party (FSC® & SFI®) certified per year since 2005.


TFG is committed to managing natural forest systems to mitigate climate change, drive positive ecological impacts, support rural economic resilience, and maximize financial returns for investors.

Climate Solutions

TFG has been practicing climate smart forestry for over 25 years, since before the term even existed. TFG’s management can deliver significant carbon sequestration alongside avoided GHG emissions.


TFG’s Natural Forest Management Principles promote ecological resilience and protection of conservation values alongside sustainable harvesting.

TFG’s Portfolio

TFG’s investment vehicles harness the dynamics of natural forests to develop environmental benefits and long-term financial performance.


These reports represent the company's efforts to track non-financial performance as well as strategic objectives to set quantitative targets for corporate governance and environmental impact - with a particular focus on climate change mitigation.


In 2018 TFG began using oxen for harvesting timber from plantations in Costa Rica. Skidding logs out of the forest with oxen lowers soil impacts, reducing the potential for erosion, and lowers residual stand damage. The production costs of using oxen are comparable to using conventional mechanized equipment.


Since 2012 TFG has integrated forest carbon offset projects into forest management planning and practice, as a means of generating revenue while mitigating the effects of climate change. This video highlights the people, the place, and the process of the development of one of the largest forest carbon offset projects in the US to date in the Central Appalachians.


In recent years, TFG has worked in cooperation with Trout Unlimited and the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department on a variety of aquatic ecosystem restoration projects. These projects include improved culvert location and design for more natural water flows, control of invasive species in wetlands, introduction of large woody material for improved fish habitat, and maintenance of wetland riparian zones.

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